Wet basement waterproofing material and products

basement waterproofing material and products
wet basement waterproofing material - a review.waterproofing basement walls - the popular methods!wet basements are can be waterproof if done the right way

basement waterproofing material products for homeowners
wet basement waterproofing products

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basement waterproofing products. Waterguard material for waterproofing a wet basement

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Wet basement waterproofing products

January 12, 2006

Basement Waterproofing material and products vary by company. Some are better than others, obviously. When looking into a basement waterproofing company, the systems they offer can make all the difference.

 Waterproofing paint, available at most hardware stores, is a method I recommend avoiding. The concept is good. You apply the waterproofing paint to the wall, and voila! Water stops coming in. The problem is the water has already built around/in the foundation wall. Eventually the water will push through the paint. Also, allowing the water to sit around the foundation wall will cause structural problems to the wall.   

Drain tile, or French drains, are a common method homeowners have used to waterproof a basement. They do provide temporary relief to basement water problems, but they tend to clog with dirt. Eventually the system will need to be replaced.  

 JES offers the most reliable basement waterproofing products available today. Our patented Waterguard system is guaranteed never to clog, while controlling all basement water problems. View more on this basement waterproofing material here. 

Not sure what’s best for your situation. JES Basement Systems wants to help! We offer our waterproofing inspections and written estimates free of charge. This way, you’ll know what’s available to correct the water problems, which system will work best, and what it will cost to complete the job.

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