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A sump pump - half the battle

February 10th, 2006

The nuisance of water in a basement seems to have a simple solution. Stop at the local hardware shop, pick up a sump pump, installation of the sump pump, and voila! Unfortunately, sump pumps are only half the battle.

Basement water typically comes from 2 locations. The main culprit is called the cove area (where the floor and wall meet). Additionally, water can come through cracks in the basement floor.

Basement sump pumps will collect water, but only when the water is directed to the sump pump. To keep your basement from getting wet, a drainage system needs to be attached to lead the water to the sump pump.

View our selection of basement waterproofing systems designed for water powered sump pumps. JES Basement Systems offers patented methods to guarantee your basement will be dry forever!

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