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Basement Waterproofing Cost

Added December 6, 2006

Q. How much does basement waterproofing cost?

A: The answer depends on a lot of factors. There is no one set price. If your situation calls for exterior excavation to divert groundwater, your price just went up. Also, do you have structural problems along with water problems that need to be fixed? If so, not only does this raise the price, but it is also a major factor when choosing a contractor to do the work. If you have structural work that needs to be done, you need a contractor with structural experience, not just waterproofing experience. In fact, a company with a structural engineer on staff is your best bet for that. Other factors can include the size of your basement which will determine the amount of interior work to be done to construct a drain tile as well as affecting the capacity of the sump pump(s) you need to install as well. Do not be afraid to get quotes from more than one company to get a range of prices for the work. Also, ask for and check out references from any company you anticipate using. And as far as the costs, yes it can be pricey to fix a waterproofing problem, especially if it involves structural issues as well. Do keep in mind that waterproofing problems only get worse and the longer you let this go one the more expensive it will become. Also, what is your home worth to you. Wouldn’t you rather spend the money now than loose your home to structural issues later?

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