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Bulging walls, vertical cracks that appear as stair steps and vertical and horizontal cracks in foundations are signs of basement wall problems. Don’t wait until it is too late! JES Grip-tite wall anchor diagram. offers today’s most economical and reliable solution: the Wall Anchor System.

The system uses sound and proven engineering methods in securing and stabilizing your basement wall from further deterioration.

Most installations are completed in one day by trained professionals without disturbance of landscaping.

The Wall Anchor System is recommended by home inspectors, FHA, HUD and engineers. The US Department of Housing and Urban Development specified over 800 of the wall anchors to correct extensive foundation problems at a housing project in Michigan City, Indiana as well as over 400 units in the Crow Creek Development in South Dakota.

Design, engineering, and thousands of installations have proven the system to be the economical and reliable solution of choice for most basement/retaining wall problems.

  • The Wall Anchor System was developed by a manufacturer of earth anchoring equipment with over 50 years electric and telephone lines, oil drilling rigs and highway guard cables.
  • All anchors and related component parts are manufactured from high quality steel and are hot dip galvanized for long life.
  • Installation of the system usually takes less than a day, and there is no unsightly mess to your lawn or home.
  • JES installs foundation repair products in the Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey areas.


  • JES technicians anchor the basement wall by inserting a steel anchor rod horizontally through the wall into the outside earth.
  • A steel earth anchor is then attached through a vertical hole in the ground.
  • A steel bearing plate secures the rod to the inside basement wall and the installation is complete.
  • During dry weather the earth shrinks and pulls away from the outside wall.
  • The anchor rod nut inside the basement is tightened to maintain
    the stability of the wall

Wall System 2 Diagram

 wall anchor system - before and after
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