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French Drains? What happens when your French drain system clogs?

January 30th, 2006

A French drain has been a solution for many homeowners to solve basement leaks. Perforated plastic pipe lined in stone is installed beneath the basement floor surface to collect water. This water is then lead to sump pump, and pumped away from the home. Sounds good, right?

The trouble with this solution is gravity. As the water passes downwards to the rocks and into the piping, a French drain will collect silt and settlement buildup. This buildup will eventually lead to a clogged French drain that will not allow water to pass through. Once this happens, back comes the water in your basement.

  Waterguard - better than installing french drains 
So what else is there? JES Basements has a better solution. The patented Waterguard
system sits on top of the footer, away from the soil. With this method, the drainage system can never clog from dirt washing into it because itís not in the dirt!

Not sure if a French drain system will work or not? Ask a JES Professional. Our certified waterproofing inspectors will examine your individual situation to determine whatís causing the problem, what drainage systems are available, and which will work best for your application.

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