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Three things are known to damage the wood material in your crawlspace: water, heat and ultra violet radiation. The earth has a very high content of moisture in the soil. This moisture evaporates in an upward partern which has nowhere to go but into your house. This moisture can lead to mold, condensation, odors, and critters all things that can lead to damage to your home. Over time these situational problems can lead to structure instability as well as possible toxic mold that can be a health hazard. These things can be prevented if acted on early.

The JES Clean Space Liner is a solution that will isolate the moisture from your home and the earth completely and permanently. The JES Clean Space Liner is tough enough to crawl on and place storage item on top of it. The JES Clean Space Liner is made up of 7 layers of 20mil thick materials somewhat similar to your pool liner. The process of installation starts with Trained professionals who will come to your home and remove wood and organic materials from your crawlspace floor. Rocks and uneven soil will be leveled out and prepared for the installation of JES Clean Space. The liner is carefully rolled out and cut with all installers in their socks to maintain the cleanliness of your new JES Clean Space.

Learn more about how the JES Clean Space Liner can help save your crawlspace.

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